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I started building rifles in 1965.There were a lot of old Mauser, Enfield and Springfield rifles around then for only a few dollars.My first rifle wasn't much more labor than a little stock whittling and re-chambering an Enfield to a .300 Ackley Improved Magnum.A box of .300 Weatherby cartridges to shoot in the Ackley cost $5.00 a box, or as I calculated back then, more than the price of a pack of cigarettes per round.That drove me to handloading.The Ackley and the cigarettes are long gone now, but I do still have the second and third rifle I built, number two being a 6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser, which I re-barreled and re-stocked, and an engraved Santa Barbara Mauser action that I barreled and chambered in .25-06.As you can see, I started with a couple of wildcats and nothing much has changed, I'm still a wildcat enthusiast.Except for the 6.5 Swedish Mauser and some handguns, I don't have anything you can buy ammunition for at the store.

In 1986 I met Manley Oakley, one of the Northwest Benchrest icons.During the process of having him build a new wildcat I wanted, we became shooting companions and friends, and I started shooting benchrest.After many hours of visiting and many trips to the range, Manley encouraged me to consider buying a lathe and doing my own work.In 1987, I bought my first lathe and I guess the rest is history.At Manley's knee, so to speak, I learned what it takes to build fine shooting rifles.With Manley's guidance and helpful information from people like Dan Lilja and Wally Siebert I soon began to build rifles for others.In 1988, I started McCluskey Precision Rifles.I've long since replaced the first lathe and added the tooling and other machines required to produce quality work.

Along with building benchrest, varmint and hunting rifles, I build railguns and front rests.I offer a set of computer-generated drawings for those who would like to build their own railguns.The design is patterned after the early Hall railguns with some changes.If you don't want to build your own railgun, I would be glad to build one for you.The railguns I build are also simailar to the Hall rails of the past, but, with many modifications needed for today's stiff competition.

The front rests are extremely stable, constructed with quality materials and fabricated with precision.

I also offer dies to accompany all the chambers I cut and provide that perfect match.

R.E. 'Mac' McCluskey

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